Unpacking New Career Paths – from Communications Work to Web Developing Project

As communication staff at a university, it can be challenging to find new career pathways. It´s easy to get stuck in repetitive activities year after year.
This talk will share insights and explain the journey going from general communications work mainly dealing with text, photo and web updates, to a new role with a product owner perspective being the link between stakeholders (other communications staff) and a web developing team when building a completely new staff portal in Sharepoint for approx. 6500 staff members.
The new role means being part of an extensive web project with consultants, IT-experts and code developers, but also entering a completely different scene and facing an advanced technical lingua.
What can you contribute with given your communication background to the team, and what can you expect to learn in your new role?

What I do

First Editor, Staff Portal, University of Gothenburg

Peter Larsson