Towards More Inclusion in Communication

What does inclusive communication consist of? How can we recognise inclusive texts and pictures? What are the big pitfalls or dilemmas when creating more inclusive communication?

In this workshop, you will work. Be ready to be challenged. You will self-reflect, discuss inclusion with your colleagues and put theory into practice to create more inclusion in communication.

The workshop aims to increase communications officers' knowledge about diversity and inclusion, to understand how unconscious biases and discriminatory practices can appear and how they can be recognised in our everyday work

What I do:

Malin Gustavsson, Master in Gender Studies, Senior Diversity Expert, founder and MD of Ekvalita, Finland

Malin Gustavsson is the founder and MD of Ekvalita. Ekvalita is one of the oldest Diversity companies in Finland (2008), where Gustavsson leads a team of five experts. She holds a Master's in Gender Studies from Helsinki University and a Bachelor’s in Science of Politics from Åbo Akademi University.

She is a highly appreciated and multi-skilled professional trainer with 20 years of unique cross-sector experience in Diversity and Inclusion work in Finland and abroad. She often collaborates with other diversity professionals in the Nordics. She identifies herself as the bridge between theory and practice as she is transforming the latest research into everyday inclusion work. Malin supports conditions where people can contribute with a larger share of their resources, knowledge, and experiences. She supports organisations in finding new ideas and rethinking their current routines and mainstream structures to promote diversity and inclusion within the organisation from a norm-critical perspective.

She has written several handbooks and manuals, you can also find different publications on her list, educational web portals and videos. She has dyslexia and works continuously in three languages, where she daily reflects a lot of communication, translations, terminology and contexts for change work. She is also active in the asylum-seeker support movement.

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Malin Gustavsson