Researcher Profile Pages: Enhancing Visibility and Collaboration 

In today's digital landscape, we understand the power of personal connections. When it comes to research on our website, people search for researchers' names, rather than research centers or projects. That is why we believe that each researcher's profile page holds great potential as a gateway to our university's website.

Over the years, we have recognized the importance of these individual pages and worked to improve their content, design, and technical aspects despite not having a full-scale research database. We have collaborated closely with researchers, hosting workshops and providing personalized assistance to enhance the quality of their pages. As well as focusing on internal communications to establish support from management. Our goal has been to transform these profiles into more than business cards empowering researchers to showcase their work and expertise to an international audience.

What we do:

Johanna Svensson is a Research Communication Officer and main editor for research on the Malmö University web. In recent years, Sarah Stancs and Johanna Svensson have been working together to develop and improve research content on the university's website. 

Sarah Stancs is a Web Specialist at Malmö University. Works with user need based web communication focusing on collaboration and research communication.  

Johanna Svensson
Sarah Stancs