Optimizing Student Communication – From Strategy to Action

In this session, we will explore the steps that were taken at the Study Administration at the Department of Health Aarhus University to professionalize communication to the department’s 4.500 enrolled students.  

Starting out as a ‘Communication Project’, the goal was to create an actionable communication strategy where the students needs and wants were the primary drivers for all communicative actions.  

The session aims to present the major takeaways from both the strategic work as well as the subsequent efforts to turn the strategic goals and visions into actionable initiatives.  

An integral part of the efforts to professionalize communication at Health AU was the creation of a students-communication-advisory-board. The session will touch briefly on how the advisory board has helped shape several communication initiatives and products.  

There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session. 

What I do:

Consultant, Aarhus University.  

Jesper has been working with communication for 15 years. The last 3 years at Aarhus University working primarily with communication to students.  


Jesper Leegaard Willer