More Visuals, Fewer Words!

Using fewer words and integrating visual elements such as graphics, videos, and other forms of visual media presents numerous benefits.

Visuals have the ability to simplify scientific concepts for the general public and improve communication within organizations, ensuring that information is comprehended, retained, and acted upon efficiently.

What I do:

My name is Frans, and I am a visual communicator at the University of Copenhagen.

In my role at the university, I am responsible for crafting digital graphics, animations, and videos that are used across our social media platforms, our external website, and various internal communications.

With more than two decades of experience in both advertising and news industries under my belt, I have had the opportunity to create interactive campaigns and information graphics.

My main focus is on creating communication that puts users first. My goal is to simplify complex information so it becomes easy to understand and transforming news into engaging experiences using visual communication.

Sometimes a picture literally says more than a thousand words!

Frans Wej Petersen