The Future Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum Denmark (NHMD) is in a period of change. New premises are under construction in Copenhagen’s Botanical Garden and the move scheduled for 2026 marks a new era for the museum.
This presentation shares our story of transformation and gives an insight into the NHMD’s ambitious goals: ‘To empower connection between people and nature’.
A survey carried out in 2015, revealed that the museum was perceived as a dusty local museum catering for a small, select group of visitors, namely families with young children. Topics such as science and nature were percieved seperate to the general cultural offer. Our challenge is to change these perceptions by creating and open, relevant and captiviating offer; and by becomming a leading player in the conversation about our environment.

Exhibition strategy: To reflect current environmental debates about climate and nature.
Goal: To make our visitors feel at home by creating inviting, meaningful and educational experiences.
PR and Socials: To share the wonders of the museum and collections by inviting press and public behind the scenes.
Marketing: High end using high impact platforme

Next steps: New visual identity, user journey, and website.

What we do

Christina Egeris Vandborg, Head of Marketing, Natural History Museum of Denmark

Bent Bøkman, Head of PR, Natural History Museum of Denmark

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Christina Egeris Vandborg
Bent Bøkman