Energy Savings – an Internal Campaign with Impact

In the autumn of 2022, there was a significant surge in energy prices which had a major impact at Aarhus University – as in society as such.

As a result, the university took extensive measures to minimize energy consumption across the entire organization. This included actively involving employees and students in the effort, despite the fact that it would require them to adapt to new initiatives that often posed limitations and inconveniences in their work and student life. Such changes demanded a shift in behaviour of everyone involved.

During this circus session, I will share my experience of how Aarhus University organized and executed an internal campaign that effectively combined management communication with dialogue and information across various platforms, both at central and local level.

Thanks to a collective sense of urgency and shared commitment among employees and students, Aarhus University achieved a remarkable reduction in energy and heat consumption over a span of 7 months..

During the session, I will discuss the crucial role of effective communication in driving this kind of organizational change, and how. the communication campaign played an important role in disseminating important information, raising awareness about the issue, and motivating individuals to take action.

What I do:

Camilla Schrøder
Teamleader with responsibility for organisational communication at Aarhus University (Rector‘s office)

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Camilla Schrøder