The Dilemma of a World-Renowned Subsidiary Brand at a Regional University College

The Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås is ranked as the 8th best fashion school in the world. By tradition, having a strong and famous subsidiary brand is not always seen as something positive within the academia. How do we balance our different brands and how can our parent brand benefit from its strong subsidiary brand? 

What we do:

Annie Andréasson, Director of Communication Office at the University of Borås. She has over 30 years of experience in communication work within the academy and has written about the history of textile education in the book “Kunskapens trådar”, published 2013. 

Anna Kjellsson has a background as a journalist and is currently Press Contact and Brand Communications Officer at the University of Borås. 

University of Borås

The Swedish School of Textiles

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Ann Christine Andréasson
Anna Kjellsson