Organic Intelligence - and is ChatGPT a Threat for Journalists and Communicators?

What questions should we ask today to make the right decisions tomorrow? How should we understand humanity's place in the artificial intelligence revolution? There are crucial aspects to consider: who will be the decision-makers, who will amass wealth, who will have the ability to control these tools, and who will ultimately govern the outcomes. "Organic Intelligence" is an overwhelming lecture - yet it is also pragmatic and forward-looking. Tremendous opportunities are emerging right now: to establish new businesses, foster novel social interactions, and shape the internet we truly desire. "Organic intelligence" offers both a revolutionary contemporary analysis and a plea for digital democratization. It provides support for those who seek to approach the discussion with nuance and, through patience and precision, arrive at the right decisions. Above all, it encourages those who wish to embrace the new era not with fear, but with an enlightened willingness to work and enthusiasm.

What I do:

Andreas Ekström focuses on the online world, media, and digital equality as a journalist and author. Having written a total of nine books, Andreas is a household name in his native Sweden, where he is a regular guest in all sorts of media, commentating and contributing to the public debate on humanistic tech issues.

Andreas Ekstrøm